McCarthy on Tour !!!

We had a fantastic climax to the 2018 NIPA Tour which was played to a finish today, Sunday 9th December, in Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena with Ronan McCarthy once again proving that he is the man to beat. The Kircubbin cueist beat Ballyclare's Johnny Mackay by 7-4 in the Grand Final.

McCarthy takes home the top prize of £700 and Mackay £300

Johnny Mackay w/o Mark Stockton
Trevor Whiteside 7-3 Alan Rainey
Tyler McConnell w/o Paddy Lynch
Gerry McCorry 7-6 Adam Freeburn
Maryjo McCourt 7-6 Emmet McGuire
Robert Hawkins 7-3 Aaron Rolston
Marty Goudie w/o Mark Richardson
Ryan Foster 7-6 Ryan Scott
Darren Lowe 7-6 Paul Harris

LAST 32 
Gary Clarke 7-3 Ryan Foster
Kenny Geddis w/o Tommy Morrow
Joe Larkin 5-7 Johnny Mackay
Stephen Johnston 7-6 Trevor Whiteside
Darren Lowe 3-7 Davy Armstrong
Neil McFaul w/o Sean Davison
Aaron Leslie 7-5 Dave Jones
Maryjo McCourt 5-7 Rab McCullough
Ronan McCarthy 7-2 Marty Goudie
Corey Lee Brett 3-7 Davy Magill
Ryan Craig void Gordon Boomer
Dan Clarke 7-1 Tyler McConnell
Robert Hawkins 2-7 Greg Stevenson
Michael Thompson w/o Gary Wallace
Raymond Stockman 7-3 Kyle Kirkwood

Ryan Marcus 7-3 Gerry McCorry
Gary Clarke 7-3 Kenny Geddis
Johnny Mackay 7-6 Stephen Johnston
Dave Armstrong 6-7 Neil McFaul
Aaron Leslie 5-7 Rab McCullough
Ronan McCarthy 7-2 Davy Magill
Dan Clarke v Bye
Greg Stevenson 7-2 Michael Thompson
Raymond Stockman 7-5 Ryan Marcus
Gary Clarke 2-7 Johnny Mackay
Neil McFaul 4-7 Rab McCullough
Ronan McCarthy 7-4 Dan Clarke
Greg Stevenson 7-6 Raymond Stockman
Johnny Mackay 7-6 Rab McCullough
Ronan McCarthy 7-5 Greg Stevenson

Massive thanks to William Irvine of the Q.Club in Larne and Gary Clarke of Reds in Ballymena for running the 2018 Tour very professionally. Watch out for details coming very soon of our 2019 Tour. Happy Christmas to one and all !!!!