Dear members,

The EBA Committee (all nations) has had to make the very hard decision of leaving BlackBall International (BI) which will be as effective immediately at midnight 6th February, for the reasons listed below:

1. We believe that in our interpretation of the constitution BI have acted unconstitutionally and have been informed of this.

2. We have requested an EGM back in September/October 2021 calling a vote of no confidence in the President of BI which fell on deaf ears. We have written a complaint and advised that we would have to review our position within BI to which they responded with arranging a meeting for 2 weeks later, even though it was clear of how detrimental the outcome of this meeting could be to the World Championships.

3. When requested by the EBA to speed up the meetings still more delaying tactics followed from BI.

4. We have no confidence in the President of BI who has demonstrated through his actions in BI that if you do not agree with him he makes sure to get rid of you.

5. We have noted that Malaysia, who was voted in to represent Asia in an EGM that was unconstitutional, has now recognised this and has written to BI rescinding its membership too. Which just reinforces our decision

What we request is that the BI Board be dissolved and the BI Council meet and rewrite the constitution as it is very ambiguous and once we have the constitution rewritten and agreed upon at an AGM with Council members, then and only then can we proceed in electing a board and moving forward.

Once the Board has been dissolved EBA would consider returning so it may input in the rewriting of the constitution and re-election of the Board.

Yours in Sport

Sean Rumbado

EBA Chairman

On Behalf of the EBA Committee

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