Teams For Selsey So far

Players confirmed going with the NI teams to the European Championships in Selsey are:

Mens 'A' Team (5 in a Team)
D.Sterrett (Manager), N.McKelvey, W.Eakin, S. Newell, H.Kruitjen, G.Spalling
Mens 'B' Team (11 in a Team)
W.Lucas (Manager), D.Whiteside, C.Montgomery Sr, K.English, R.Hawkins, T.Whiteside, T.Arthurs, D.McMullan, C.Montgomery Jr, C.Howard, A.Toner, W.Adamson, W. Telford
Mens 'Seniors' (5 in a Team)
E. Sterrett (Manager), H.Regan, M.Marsh, J.Patton, J.McIlreavy, I.Wylie
Ladies (5 in a Team)
E.Richardson (Manager), S.Greenberg, D.Walker, A.McAlister, F.McGuigan, K.Cutler
Mens 'Specials' (7 in a team)
R Black (Manager), P.Reid, N.Campbell, J.Patton, M.Gray, C.McFeeley, E. Huey.
Ladies 'Specials' (4 in a team)
P Lynch (Manager), V.Taggart, B.McFall, F.McCann, S.O'Kane.