Successful Fundraiser For NI Ladies

Some of the Northern Ireland Ladies Team from Newtownabbey hosted a Quiz and Disco evening to raise funds for the trip to Selsey for the European Pool Championships in September.

It was held in Monkstown Social Club and a great night was had by all. Just look at some of the team names from the quiz and you'll have an idea of the craic and banter in the room.

1st Hairy Bikers 42
2nd 3 Pricks & A Smartass 40 1/2
3rd Rat Pack 40 1/2
4th Monkstown Spartans 38
5th Leslies Heroes 32 1/2
6th Hammy's Hamsters 32
7th MSC Barstaff 30 1/2
8th Koppites 30, and last but not least
9th Sara's Bitches 29 1/2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a bit of controversy in one of the questions namely "What is the highest possible break in snooker ?" The Quizmaster had 147 as his answer, but the learned in the room, knew it was 155 !!!!!

The girls would like to thank the following for their donations. Monkstown SC & Bar Staff, City Air Express, Club Cabs, Nortel Social Club, Barnaby's, 1st Monkstown Linfield True Blues Club, The Portside Inn, Eva's Cafe, and Monkstown Resource Centre.

Also a big thank you to Derek Whiteside for organising and hosting the quiz and Geordie Cordwell for the excellent disco music afterwords.