Silence please !!!!!

Well done to Colin Montgomery (pictured right) who today (5th March) raised £180 for the Willie Lucas NI Chest Heart & Stroke Appeal. Colin completed an 8 hour sponsored silence whilst at his job in Belfast where he works for Lloyds Banking Group. Anyone who knows "Monty" will know that he has definitely earned the money as he is usually non stop when it comes to talking and witty banter. Apparently Colin was well prepared with hand written messages on small bits of paper such as "thank you", "yes please", "double cheeseburger and chips", "milk and 1 sugar please" amongst others !!!!!! Colin played alongside Wille in the Scorpions Pool Team in the Carrick & District League and also in the Northern Ireland 'B1' Team. Well done Colin. So far the Blackball Pool fraternity have raised £998.65 for the charity.