Around the Leagues 2009/2010

Where the trophies went 2009/2010 Season in affiliated Leagues


League Winners - The Five Corners, Runners Up - Montys
Knockout Cup Winners - Grange, Runners Up - McConnells
Individual Winner - Jeff Moore (McConnells), Runner Up - Andy McGookin (Ballad)
League Winners - Minnesota's, Runners Up - The In Offs
Knockout Cup Winners - Minnesota's, Runners Up - Michelin
Individual Winner - Drew Sloan (Michelin), Runner Up- Ryan Foster (Minnesota's)
League Winners - Castle, Runners Up - Spartans
Knockout Cup Winners - Castle, Runners Up - Scorpions
Individual Winner - Dee Irwin (Castle), Runner Up - Stephen McWhirter (Spartans)
League Winners - McNulty's, Runners Up - Sperrin
Knockout Cup Winners - McNultys, Runners Up - Sperrin
Individual Winner - Lee Caulfield (Sperrin), Runner Up - Aaron Moffat (McNulty's)
League Winners - Feathers, Runners up - Ibrox
Knockout Cup Winners - The Gers, Runners Up - Larne FC
Individual Winner - Ed McDowell (Ibrox), Runner Up - Alan Johnston (Feathers)
North Down & Ards
League Winners - Village Inn, Kircubbin, Runners Up - First & Last Rangers
Knockout Cup Winners - Kingfisher, Runners Up - Monroes
Individual Winner - Jason Heffron (Kingfisher), Runner Up - Darren Sterrett (Kingfisher)
League Winners - Railway Bar, Runners Up - Moes Grill
Knockout Cup Winners - Railway Bar, Runners Up - Moes Grill
Individual Winner - Rab Fee (Railway Bar), Runner Up - Jordan Brown (Fountain Snooker Club)
Town & Country
League Winners - Randalstown Veterans, Runners Up - Lurig Inn, Cushendall
Knockout Cup Winners - Randalstown Veterans, Runners Up - Glencloy Inn
Individual Winner - Frankie Brammeld (Randalstown Veterans), Runner Up - Sean Davison (McAuleys)
NI Specials
League 1 Winners - Rathmoyle Resource Centre 'A' & Castlederg Outreach Centre (Joint Winners)
League 2 Winners - Millbrook Resource Centre 'B'
League 3 Winners - Muckamore Abbey 'B' & Millbrook Resource Centre 'B' (Joint Winners)
League 4 Winners - Bannvale Social Education Centre
League 5 Winners - Millbrook Resource Centre 'D'
Knockout Cup Winners (Higher Ability) - Muckamore Abbey, Runners Up - Rathmoyle Resource Centre
Knockout Cup Winners (Lower Ability) - Millbrook Resource Centre 'A', Runners Up - Millbrook Resource Centre 'B'
Individual Winner (Mens) - Brian Crilly (Castlederg Outreach Cente), Runner Up - Alan Bell (Muckamore Abbey)
Individual Winner (Ladies) - Valerie Taggart (Mountfern Adult Centre, Coleraine), Runner Up - Frances McCann (Maghera Day Centre)