Calling all Lady Pool players !!

Attention all Lady Pool players My name is Edith McFeeters, I am the newly appointed Manager of the Northern Ireland Ladies 'A' Pool Team.
Within this role, part of my aim is to offer every Lady Pool player the opportunity to take part in regular events with other Lady Pool players. If you play competitively in your local pub, club, league, or if you just play for fun, THIS INVITATION IS FOR YOU.
I intend to organise BLACKBALL ranking tournaments in areas across Northern Ireland so if you are aware of a venue near you that we can have the use of 4 or more tables, please contact me and I will endeavour to arrange a tournament in your area on either a Saturday or Sunday.
Another strand of the structure we are trying to develop is fundraising. This would involve a Ladies 'A' Team travelling to your venue for a Challenge Match. This could be played on either 1 or 2 tables possibly even on a week night. Matches can be played against a Ladies only team or a mixed team. Previously this this has been an ideal way for girls who play Pool in a mainly Mens environment, to get familiar with the Ladies side of Pool. It can give new Lady players the chance to play against and meet some established Northern Ireland players.
My aim is to create a full database of as many Lady Pool players in Northern Ireland as I can get.
I know there are plenty of Lady players out there, so don't be shy, come and join us and have the chance of representing Northern Ireland on the international stage.

You can contact me by phone: 07729 517905 or by email: