New kid in town

It' a big congratulations to Pamela Hamilton who is the new 2010 Northern Ireland Ladies Blackball Champion. The 20 year old from Antrim took the title with some outstanding Pool in the event which was held in Larne GRSC on Saturday 10th April. It's a fantastic achievement in only her 2nd year to enter the event. Pamela is travelling to Bridlington in 2 weeks time with the Northern Ireland Ladies 'B' Team for the European Masters, but on this form it may not be to long before she is a regular in the 'A' team. In the Final she met defending Champion Claire Stewart, also from Antrim, and it was an enthralling contest.
Frame 1 - Pamela cleared up her last 4 balls then the black to lead 1-0
Frame 2 - Claire was gifted 2 shots on the black just as Pamela was heading to go 2 up. 1-1 now.
Frame 3 - A pinpoint 5 ball clearance from Claire to go 2-1 ahead.
Frame 4 - A really fine cut on the black into the corner pocket by Pamela levelled the scores at 2-2.
Frame 5 - Pamela cleared all her colours, but hung a difficult black. Claire held her nerve to finish the frame and lead again at 3-2.
Frame 6 - Pamela went in off on the break. Claire potted all her 7 reds but snookered herself on the black. Pamela grinded her way back in and again cut in a very fine black to level at 3-3.
Frame 7 - After a very tentative start Claire went for game, but again she was very unlucky to snooker herself on the black. Pamela then ripped out a 7 ball finish to put herself one frame away from the title at 4-3.
Frame 8 - With the black over a corner bag, Claire went to take out her last 4 yellows but was unlucky to land very close to the last one. This left a very awkward shot to the middle which she nearly potted, but it caught the knuckle and stayed out. Pamela composed herself to sink the final black of the day and become 2010 Ladies Champion.

The NIPA would like to thank Larne GRSC for hosting the event prior to the Larne Pool League Festival Week and to all the Ladies who took part. Right from the first to the last match the standard was very high.

S.Greenberg 4-3 S.Caughey, E.Richardson 4-1 D.Walker,
Last 16
E.McFeeters 4-2 S.Greenberg, L.Ruddock 4-2 K.McCormick, K.Cutler 4-3 J.McIlroy, P.Hamilton 4-0 L.McClelland, C.Stewart 4-3 M.McCourt, L.Leddy 4-3 K.Leddy, C.Webster 4-0 S.Graham, E.Richardson 4-0 A.Babb
Last 8
L.Ruddock 4-2 E.McFeeters, P.Hamilton 4-1 K.Cutler, C.Stewart 4-3 L.Leddy, C.Webster 4-3 E.Richardson
Semi Finals
P.Hamilton 4-2 L.Ruddock, C.Stewart 4-3 C.Webster
P.Hamilton 5-3 C.Stewart

Top right, NI B2 Team Manager Derek Whiteside presents Pamela Hamilton with the Winners trophy.

Centre right, Claire Stewart receives her Runners Up trophy.

Bottom, the 2 Semi Finalists Lyndsey Ruddock and Clare Webster.