Rab is the "Master"

Rab Fee from Antrim has won the NIPA Blackball Masters Competition which was held in Larne on Sunday 11th April. The event is the last in our 2009/10 calendar season before our teams head off to Bridlington.

I have seen some Pool in my time but Rabs 7-0 win in the Final was the best I have ever witnessed and probably ever will. He didn't miss one single pot he went for. His opponent Stephen McWhirter from Larne who had won his Semi Final 6-0, didn't play a bad shot in the limited table time he got, he too could only sit back and admire Fee's stunning display of total Pool.

Frame 1 - Rab left his opponent with 7 reds on his 2nd visit.
Frame 2 - 2-0 after Fee took out a pinpoint finish
Frame 3 - 3-0 after an 8 ball clearance
Frame 4 - Break & Dish from Fee makes it 4-0
Frame 5 - McWhirter broke dry, Fee cleared the table 5-0
Frame 6 - Another Fee Break & Dish. 6-0
Frame 7 - Fee finishes the match with another 8 ball clearance

Pictured above:
Left - Runner Up Stephen McWhirter representing the Carrick League and Winner Rab Fee representing the Sixmilewater League receive their trophies. The winner also received a cheque for £100.