Seniors 2012 Trials

Standings from the NIPA Seniors Trials Day 1 which was held in the Park Plaza Hotel, Belfast International Airport are as follows. Day 2 will be held on Sunday 27th November in Shooters Pool Hall, Bangor. Managers Eric Sterrett, Cliff Wilson and Mark Marsh will then select their squads for the first competition of 2012, the European Championships in Bridlington in March.

16 Raymond Stockman
15 John Tennyson
14 Davy McGurn, Davy Drysdale
13 Stephen Johnston, Kenny English
12 Bill McIlroy Sr, Hugh Regan, Mark Porter, Pat McKeown
11 Kenny Geddis, Ivan Christie
10 Robert Hawkins, Mark Stockton
09 Rodney Patterson, Ian Wylie, Eric Sterrett,
08 Stephen Cully, Jean McIlroy
07 Robert Bowman, Alex Irvine, Davy Montgomery
06 Seamus McArdle, Jimmy McCullough, Mark Marsh
05 Hugh McMurtry
03 Cliff Wilson