Declan and Warner are just Champion

It's congratulations to 14 year old Declan Duff and 21 year old Warner Johnston, who are the new Northern Ireland 2012 Blackball Pool Champions in Under 18 and Under 23 respectively. Both Finals were cracking matches, both going down to the 9th and deciding frames. Declan, who's standard of Pool belies his young age will be travelling to Bridlington in March with the Under 23s and will also be part of the Mens B2 squad. Warner who took home a £100 winners prize today will make his debut with the Under 23s. Results below.

Last 4
Lee Wright 4-1 Tiarnan Kelly
Declan Duff 4-1 Lee McIlreavy

Declan Duff (Lurgan) 5-4 Lee Wright (Ballymena)

Frames - Wright, Duff, Wright, Duff, Duff, Wright, Wright, Duff, Duff

Lee Wright 4-0 Jake McCready, Declan Duff 4-1 Dominic Delargy, Matthew Wylie 4-1 David Heyes

Last 16
Lee Wright 4-3 Lee McIlreavy, John Wilson 4-0 Ryan Ennis, Raymond Christie 4-1 Craig Loughlin, Andrew Macrory 4-2 Declan Duff, Warner Johnston 4-1 Tiarnan Kelly, William Irvine 4-2 Scott McQuiston, David Patterson 4-3 Ryan Martin, Matthew 4-1 Adam Gordon

Last 8
Lee Wright 4-2 John Wilson, Raymond Christie 4-1 Andrew Macrory, Warner Johnston 4-2 William Irvine, David Patterson 4-0 Matthew Wylie

Last 4
Raymond Christie 4-0 Lee Wright, Warner Johnston 4-2 David Patterson

Warner Johnston (Bangor) 5-4 Raymond Christie (Lisburn)

Frames - Christie, Christie, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Christie, Johnston, Christie, Johnston

In the top photo - Declan Duff (right) and Lee Wright, receive their trophies from Under 23 'B' Team Manager Alec Irvine
Bottom photo - Warner Johnston (left) and Raymond Christie receive their trophies from Under 23 'A' Team Manager John Lowry

Thanks go to BALLYMENA UNITED SOCIAL CLUB for hosting the event on 6 top class BAIZECRAFT Club Tables