Gareth Potts coming to Shooters

Pool legend Gareth Potts from England, (pictured right), will be taking part in a "Charity Day of Pool" in Shooters Pool Hall, Bangor along with our very own Ronan McCarthy, current Northern Ireland Champion and England International Marc Farnsworth. Bangors Terry McDowell is organising the event to raise funds for "Marie Curie Cancer Care" Kick off will be1:00pm on Saturday 21st April. 

Players can "Challenge Ronan" for £5 per frame. If you win you get £15 back, if you lose your £5 goes to Marie Curie Cancer Care. 

Players can also buy tickets for a raffle to "Challenge Gareth" for a best of 3. If you win you can pick one of the many prizes donated by local business's. Any prizes left at the end of the day will be auctioned off, to get a total amount for the Charity.

Food will be available in the way of a BBQ during the day

Played to Blackball Rules
Please check back for any updates to the schedule.