Shooters Shoot Out

Shooters Sports Bar Shoot Out Competition

Where - Shooters Sports Bar, Bangor
When - Sunday 21st October 2012 starts 12:00 noon
Who - Open to anyone
Cost - £50 per player, or via satellite Competitions. (** see below)
Frames - Best of 13
Plate event - Yes for 1st Round losers on Finals Day & Satellite Final losers (£100 to winner)
Main Event Prize - Dependent on entries but 100% payout
Dress code - Full NIPA dress code for Finals Day only
To enter Main Event or arrange a Satellite - Contact John on 07429 537941

** Any NIPA affiliated League can arrange a Satellite Competition to qualify for the Main Event (the winner) or Plate (the runner up). For any other League wishing to hold a satellite, please contact John on 07429 537941. To enter a Satellite winner into the Main Event and/or Plate, £40 must be forwarded to Shooters Sports Bar. It is up to each person running a Satellite Event, how much they charge for entry but there must be a minimum of 4 entrants. Shooters will be hosting a Satellite every Friday at 8pm with a £5 entry fee and will be guaranteeing a place in the Finals Day Main Event and Plate regardless of number of entrants. Top 16 seeded players below cannot enter a Satellite.

Top 16 Seeded players - Ronan McCarthy (handicapped), Sam Newell, Brian Crilly, Neil McKelvey, Lee Hull, Darren Sterrett, Tommy Morrow, Gary Clarke, Dee Irwin, Rab Fee, Willie Eakin, Marc Hutchinson, Davy Tosh, Declan Lavery, Terry McDowell, Ed McDowell

Satellite Winners so far -
Rodney Patterson, Ricky Crooke, Jason Heffron, Graeme Collins, Kenny English, Rab McCullough
Satellite Runners Up so far -
Scott McQuiston, Jake McCready, John Rodgers, Ben Nesbitt, Andy McMeekin, Warner Johnston

Upcoming Satellite Competitions
Shooters, Bangor - Every Friday at 8pm. Ring John on 07429 537941