McCarthy the Master

It's another title and trophy for Ronan McCarthy. The classy cueist from County Down made his way into the final of the 2013 N.I.P.A Masters Invitational after beating, Raymond Stockman, Herbie O'Neill and John McAllister in the Competition which was held in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor on Sunday 30th June. Waiting for him was Jimmy McGarrell who had been in fine form all day seeing off, Ivan Christie, Alan Johnston, Martin Stubbs and his son Declan Duff. Father will have the family bragging rights for a while as experience won the day. Although it sounds like a thrashing in the final, Jimmy really didn't do too much wrong, McCarthy was just near unplayable as he ripped out three 8 ball clearances and one break and dish on his way to regaining the title he last won 2 years ago.

I.Christie 2-6 J. McGarrell
J. Patton 3-6 A. Johnston

Last 16
J. McGarrell 6-4 A. Johnston
T. Whiteside 4-6 M. Stubbs
S. Greenberg 5-6 M. Wilson
I. Halliday 4-6 D. Duff
R. Patterson 3-6 H. O'Neill
R. McCarthy 6-2 R. Stockman
S. Graham 1-6 E. McDowell
S. Carson 2-6 J. McAllister

Last 8
D. Duff 6-3 M. Wilson
M. Stubbs 2-6 J. McGarrell
R. McCarthy 6-3 H. O'Neill
E. McDowell 5-6 J. McAllister

Semi Finals
D. Duff 0-6 J. McGarrell
R. McCarthy 6-3 J. McAllister

J. McGarrell (Lisburn) 1-6 R. McCarthy (Newtownards)

Final frames
McCarthy, McGarrell, McCarthy B&D, McCarthy 8BC, McCarthy 8BC, McCarthy, McCarthy 8BC

In the photo 
The two finalists, runner up Jimmy Garrell (left) and winner Ronan McCarthy