2013 World Police & Fire Games, Belfast

Results from the 2013 World Police & Fire Games Pocket Billiards disciplines of Blackball Pool and Straight Pool below. Players from England, China, Russia, Latvia, USA, Canada, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Belgium and Finland vied for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the events run by the Northern Ireland Pool Association at Newforge Country Club

Gold medal in the Blackball was won by the fantastic Wesley Beins from Singapore, a real top quality cueist with an abundance of natural ability. But he was pushed right to the very end by our own Neil McKelvey, Wesley winning 8-7 in an unforgetable Final shoot out. McKelvey picked up the Silver medal, his highlight of the event being an incredible 7-0 Quarter Final win in 27 minutes with 3 break and dish's and 4x 8 ball clearances against Paul McKeown. And very well done also to Trevor Whiteside. The NI B1 regular excelled on his way to picking up the Bronze medal, ousting John O'Sullivan and Jason Vaughan both very talented players from Southern Ireland, on the way.

Congratulations to Kilkenny man John O'Sullivan who has just won the Gold medal in the Straight Pool event. He took the title beating Ufuk Baygunes from Belgium 100-55 in the Final. It was a well earned victory for John who scored consistently high throughout the event, including a run of 34 in the Semi Final, the highest in the Competition.

Photo top. Blackball medal winners. Neil McKelvey (Silver, Northern Ireland), Wesley Beins (Gold, Singapore) and Trevor Whiteside (Bronze, Northern Ireland)

Photo right. Straight Pool medal winners. Ufuk Baygunes (Silver, Belgium), John O'Sullivan (Gold, S.Ireland) and Doug Moreau (Bronze, Canada)

Yuanshen Chu 60-36 Peter Burchill
Trevor Whiteside 60-50 Ronny Conaert
Johnny Sanders 29-60 Greg Stevenson
Chris Clarke 50-60 Doug Moreau
Peter Noonan 60-47 Paul McKeown
Jason Vaughan 60-34 Jiong Chen
Genadijs Kaminskis 60-30 Sylvain Bois
Eric Cloutier 57-60 Steve Mechele
George Head 43-60 Tim Meehan
John O'Sullivan W/O Craig Schmitt 
Wesley Beins 39-60 John Griffin
Andrey Elkin 19-60 Paul Mooney 
Steve Mechele 51-60 Peter Noonan
Pei Jian Wu 27-60 Ufuk Baygunes
Trevor Whiteside 20-60 Yuashen Chu 
Greg Stevenson 44-60 Doug Moreau 
Tim Meehan 29-60 John O'Sullivan 
Jason Vaughan 60-36 Gendijs Kaminskis
Yuanshen Chu (Singapore) 34-75 Doug Moreau (Canada)
Jason Vaughan (S.Ireland) 67-75 John O'Sullivan (S.Ireland)
Paul Mooney (N.Ireland)  37-75 Peter Noonan (S.Ireland)
John Griffin (S.Ireland) 68-75 Ufuk Baygunes (Belguim)
Doug Moreau (Canada) 25-85 John O'Sullivan (S.Ireland)
Peter Noonan (S.Ireland) 37-85 Ufuk Baygunes (Belguim)
Doug Moreau (Canada) 85-73 Peter Noonan (S.Ireland)
John O'Sullivan (S.Ireland) 100-55 Ufuk Baygunes (Belguim)

Straight Pool Podium
GOLD MEDAL - John O'Sullivan (S.Ireland)
SILVER MEDAL - Ufuk Baygunes (Belguim)
BRONZE MEDAL - Doug Moreau (Canada)

KNOCK OUT PHASE 1 (Race to 5)
Match 01 - Jason Vaughan 5-0 Craig McAlonan
Match 02 - Greg Stevenson 5-2 Peter Burchill
Match 03 - Patrick Pollihan 1-5 Steve Mechele
Match 04 - Paul McKeown 5-3 Jonny Sanders
Match 05 - Yuaschen Chu 5-1 Ronny Conaert
Match 06 - Peter Noonan 5-2 Michael Maguire
Match 07 - Genadijs Kaminskis 5-0 Kevin O'Donnell
Match 08 - John O'Sullivan 5-3 Eric Cloutier
LAST 16  (RACE TO 6)
Match 09 - Neil McKelvey (N.Ireland) 6-1 Greg Stevenson (N.Ireland)
Match 10 - Ufuk Baygunes (Belgium) 6-4 Steve Mechele (Belguim)
Match 11 - Tim Meehan (S.Ireland) 5-6 Paul McKeown (N.Ireland)
Match 12 - John Griffin (S.Ireland) 2-6 Jason Vaughan (S.Ireland)
Match 13 - Trevor Whiteside (N.Ireland) 6-4 Peter Noonan (S.Ireland)
Match 14 - Paul Mooney (N.Ireland) 6-2 Genidijs Kamiskis (Latvia)
Match 15 - James O'Neill (N.Ireland) 1-6 John O'Sullivan (S.Ireland)
Match 16 - Wesley Beins (Singapore) 6-2 Yuaschen Chu (Singapore)
Match 17 - Neil McKelvey (N.Ireland) 7-0 Paul McKeown (N.Ireland)
Match 18 - Ufuk Baygunes (Belgium) 5-7 Jason Vaughan (S.Ireland)
Match 19 - Trevor Whiteside (N.Ireland) 7-5 John O'Sullivan (S.Ireland)
Match 20 - Paul Mooney (N.Ireland) 5-7 Wesley Beins (Singapore)
Match 21 - Neil McKelvey (N.Ireland) 7-6 Jason Vaughan (S.Ireland)
Match 22 - Trevor Whiteside (N.Ireland) 3-7 Wesley Beins (Singapore)
Match 23 - Trevor Whiteside (N.Ireland) 7-6 Jason Vaughan (S.Ireland)
Match 24 - Neil McKelvey (N.Ireland) 7-8 Wesley Beins (Singapore)
Blackball Pool podium
GOLD MEDAL - Wesley Beins (Singapore)
SILVER MEDAL - Neil McKelvey (N.Ireland)
BRONZE MEDAL - Trevor Whiteside (N.Ireland)

Eric Cloutier 9-0 Samu Parkkinen 
Jason Vaughan 2-7 Neil McKelvey
Samu Parkkinen 0-9 Jason Vaughan
Gary Avaram 1-8 Eric Cloutier
Jason Vaughan 9-0 Gary Avaram
Neil McKelvey 9-0 Samu Parkkinen
Gary Avaram 0-9 Neil McKelvey
Eric Cloutier 1-8 Jason Vaughan
Neil McKelvey 7-2 Eric Cloutier
Samu Parkkinen V-V Gark Avaram
Craig Schmitt 1-8 Greg Stevenson
Ufuk Baygunes 9-0 Kevin O'Donnell
Greg Stevenson 4-5 Ufuk Baygunes
Kevin O'Donnell 7-2 Craig Schmitt
Craig Schmitt 2-7 Ufuk Baygunes
Greg Stevenson 8-1 Kevin O'Donnell
Patrick Pollihan 5-4 Tim Meehan
Pei Jian Wu 5-4 Michael Maguire
Tim Meehan 7-2 Pei Jian Wu
Michael Maguire 7-2 Patrick Pollihan
Tim Meehan 8-1 Michael Maguire
Patrick Pollihan 7-2 Pei Jian Wu
John Griffin 8-1 Ronny Conaert
Paul McKeown 7-2 Doug Moreau
Ronny Conaert 4-5 Paul McKeown
Doug Moreau 1-8 John Griffin
John Griffin 5-4 Paul McKeown
Ronny Conaert 9-0 Doug Moreau
Johnny Sanders 9-0 Colin Mackenzie
Trevor Whiteside 7-2 Yuanshen Chu
Colin Mackenzie 0-9 Trevor Whiteside
Yuanshen Chu 7-2 Johnny Sanders
Johnny Sanders 0-9 Trevor Whiteside
Colin Mackenzie 2-7 Yuanshen Chu
Peter Noonan 8-1 Amelie Duhaime
Paul Mooney 6-3 Steve Mechele 
Paul Mooney 6-3 Peter Noonan
Steve Mechele 9-0 Amelie Duhaime
Paul Mooney 9-0 Amelie Duhaime
Peter Noonan 7-2 Steve Mechele
Genadijs Kaminskis 4-5 James O'Neill
Andrey Elkin 3-6 Peter Burchill
James O'Neill 7-2 Andrey Elkin
Peter Burchill 4-5 Genadijs Kaminskis
Genadijs Kaminskis 9-0 Andrey Elkin
James O'Neill 9-0 Peter Burchill
Craig McAlonan 2-7 Wesley Beins
John O'Sullivan 7-2 Joseph Fortin
Wesley Beins 5-4 John O'Sullivan
Joseph Fortin 2-7 Craig McAlonan
Craig McAlonan 0-9 John O'Sullivan
Wesley Beins 9-0 Joseph Fortin

GROUP APlayedPoints

GROUP BPlayedPoints
1Neil McKelvey432
1Ufuk Baygunes321
2Jason Vaughan428
2Greg Stevenson320
3Eric Cloutier420
3Kevin O'Donnell38
4Gary Avaram41
4Craig Schmitt35
5Samu Parkinnen40

GROUP CPlayedPoints

GROUP DPlayedPoints
1Tim Meehan319
1John Griffin321
2Patrick Pollihan314
2Paul McKeown 316
3Michael Maguire312
3Ronny Conaert314
4Pei Jian Wu37
4Douig Moreau33

GROUP EPlayedPoints

GROUP FPlayedPoints
1Trevor Whiteside325
1Paul Mooney321
2Yuaschen Chu316
2Peter Noonan318
3Jonny Sanders311
3Steve Mechele314
4Colin Mackenzie 32
4Amelie Duhaime31

GROUP GPlayedPoints

GROUP HPlayedPoints
1James O'Neill321
1Wesley Beins321
2Genadijs Kaminskis318
2John O'Sullivan320
3Peter Burchill310
3Craig McAlonan39
4Andrey Elkin35
4Joseph Fortin34

> In all Group matches players will play each other 9 frames with each frame being worth 1 point.
> The final Group placings shall be determined by the number of points won by each player
> Should 2 players be equal on points the player who won the head to head match between the 2 players shall finish higher
> Should more than 2 players be equal on points and are unable to be seperated by head to head results, then a play off (single frame format) shall determine who finishes highest
> The Winner of each Group shall progress to a seeded position in the Last 16 Knock Out stage
> Players who finish in either 2nd or 3rd position in each Group shall progress to a seeded Knock Out Phase 1. The 8 winners from Knock Out Phase 1 shall then progress to the Last 16 of the Competition where they shall join the 8 Group Winners.
The Committe of the NIPA would like to thank the staff off the Newforge Country Club, all the Games' volunteers, all the players from around the world and our referees and timekeepers.