Well done Tommy

Congratulations to Ballymoney's Tommy Morrow who is now £300 better off after winning Event 5 of the Northern Ireland Open Blackball Tour. The competition was held in the 147 Club, Omagh on Sunday 11th August. Runner Up and collecting £150 was Lisburn's Stephen Johnston. Full results to follow. After 5 out of the 6 events that carry ranking points Tommy Morrow tops the leaderboard on 550 points, well ahead of Rab McCullough on 315 points. Drew Sloan is in 3rd on 290. To view the up to date leaderboard CLICK HERE.

In the photo - Winner Tommy (left), and Runner Up Stephen Johnston 

Patrick Mulholland 0-6 Richard Campbell
Ronan McCarthy 6-2 Dean McDonagh
Drew Sloan 6-0 Rab McCullough 
Davy McGurn 6-0 Marc Hutchinson
Neil McKelvey 6-1 William Irvine
Jonny Mackay 0-6 Gary Johnston
Sara Greenberg 6-5 Kyle Kirkwood
Benny Redmond 0-6 Stephen Johnston
Tommy Morrow 6-3 Steven Carson
Darren Sterrett 0-6 Colin Moore
Wayne Lewis 6-0 Dee Irwin
Jean McIlroy 1-6 Bill McIlroy Jr
Richard Campbell 0-6 Kenny English
Ronan McCarthy 5-6 Damian Corrigan
Drew Sloan 6-0 Barry Cunningham
Davy McGurn 6-2 Ryan Foster
Neil McKelvey 6-0 Keith Malcolmson
Gary Johnston 6-0 Lee Hull
Sara Greenberg 6-0 Damian Reid
Stephen Johnston 6-1 Stuart Mulhearn
Tommy Morrow 6-0 Tyler McConnell
Colin Moore 6-0 Paddy Lynch
Shaun McAlister 6-4 Wayne Lewis
Kenny English 1-6 Damian Corrigan
Drew Sloan 3-6 Davy McGurn
Neil McKelvey 6-3 Gary Johnston
Stephen Johnston 6-0 Sara Greenberg
Tommy Morrow 6-4 Colin Moore
Sam Newell 6-1 Shaun McAlister
Bill McIlroy Jr 6-2 Herbie O'Neill
Damian Corrigan 6-1 Davy McGurn
Neil McKelvey 4-6 Stephen Johnston
Tommy Morrow 6-2 Sam Newell
Bill McIlroy Jr 6-5 Robert Hawkins
Stephen Johnston 6-5 Damian Corrigan
Tommy Morrow 6-2 Bill McIlroy Jr
Tommy Morrow 7-1 Stephen Johnston

Final frames
Morrow, Johnston, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow