NIPA Seniors (Over 40s) Tour Event 3

Congratulations to Dee Irwin. The Belfast man defeated Bangor's Sam Newell by 6-4 in the Final of the NIPA Seniors Tour Event 3 which was held in the Swift Sports Bar, Carrickfergus on Sunday 1st November.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to view the updated table. Remember players must play in 4/6 events to be eligible for Finals Day. A players best 4 scores out of 6 count towards their final table position and its the Top 16 who qualify so plenty of points to be won and lost yet.

Stephen Johnston 4-6 Dee Irwin
Kenny Geddis 3-6 John Tennyson
Dee Irwin 6-3 John Tennyson
Alan Corrigan 5-6 Greg Stevenson
Paddy McGivern 4-6 Tristan Scott-Heyes
Rab Brown 2-6 Raymond Stockman
Daniel Clarke 0-6 Sam Newell
Sara Greenberg 6-5 Steve Massey
Dave Jones 3-6 Kenny English
Marty Goudie 6-1 Robert Hawkins
Dee Irwin 6-5 Greg Stevenson
Tristan Scott-Heyes 3-6 Raymond Stockman
Sam Newell 6-0 Sara Greenberg
Kenny English 3-6 Marty Goudie
Dee Irwin 6-2 Raymond Stockman
Sam Newell 6-2 Marty Goudie
Dee Irwin (Belfast) 6-4 Sam Newell (Bangor)

Newell Irwin Irwin Irwin Irwin Newell Newell Irwin Newell Irwin

In the photo - Winner Dee Irwin (right) with Runner Up Sam Newell