Johnston successful in Seniors Tour Event 6

Congratulations to Stephen Johnston on winning Seniors Tour Event Number 6. The competition was held in the Q.Club, Larne on Sunday 13th March and Stephen beat John Tennyson in a fantastic Final by 6-5.

This was the last qualifying event for this seasons tour and we now move on to Finals Day which will also be played in the Q.Club on Sunday 29th May.

In the photo - Runner Up John Tennyson (left) and winner Stephen Johnston

Rab Brown 1-6 Robert Hawkins
Kenny Geddis 2-6 Kenny English
Stephen Massey 1-6 Stephen Johnston
Paddy McGivern 2-6 Greg Stevenson
Tony Tennyson 5-6 John Tennyson
Ellis Martin 1-6 Marty Goudie
Robert Hawkins 3-6 Kenny English
Stephen Johnston 6-5 Greg Stevenson
John Tennyson 6-5 Marty Goudie
Dave Jones 5-6 Sara Greenberg
Kenny English 2-6 Stephen Johnston
John Tennyson 6-3 Sara Greenberg
Stephen Johnston (Lisburn) 6-5 John Tennyson (Crumlin)

Johnston Tennyson Johnston Tennyson Johnston Tennyson Tennyson Johnston Tennyson Johnston Johnston