2016-2017 NIPA Interleague

The NIPA are now inviting bids from Affiliated Leagues/Promoters to host our 2016/2017 season Interleague events. Any Leagues or Promoters interested please forward your bid to nipablackball@yahoo.co.uk by Tuesday 16th August 2016

Criteria as follows -

1/ A venue that can hold 16 tables but we will also consider other bids provided they can hold at least 12 tables. Host League/Promoter responsible for supply of tables
2/ Table lighting to be installed by hosting League/Promoter 
3/ Ample seating away from the tables so that spectators and players are not standing right on top of players playing at tables
4/ £150 fee payable to NIPA by League/Promoter hosting  the event
5/ To supply suitable Top Table area with adequate lighting to manage event from. Power points easily accessible.
6/ Suitable P.A. System
7/ Bar preferably selling draught beer
8/ Kitchen/food
9/ WiFi or internet access 
10/ Availability of room, for example 9am to 11pm 
11/ Car parking arrangements
12/ Provision off 1 meal per day for working officials

Pictured above are current Champions TENNENTS Coleraine & District Pool League celebrating their success at the Nortel Social Club in the event hosted by CITYAIREXPRESS Carrick & District Pool League

Terms & conditions subject to change