Please see below info regarding Tour attendance. The next Tour (Event 4) takes place this Sunday 26th August in the Q.Club, Larne. Start time is 10.00am, club open from 9.00am.

The Grand Final from Event 3 between Kircubbin's Ronan McCarthy and Ballymena's Joe Larkin will take place after the Group stages. The match is a race to 7 with Joe receiving a +3 handicap. Good luck to both players.



Yes - Played in tour
X - Didn’t attend tour but gave prior notice
NS – Didn’t attend tour and no notice given (only 1 no show without notice permitted)

All players must play in minimum 4 Tours to be eligible for Finals Day.       

Player T 1 T 2 T 3
Aaron Leslie Yes Yes X
Aaron Rolston Yes Yes X
Adam Freeburn Yes Yes X
Alaister Wilson Yes NS X
Alan Rainey Yes Yes X
Clem Howard Yes NS X
Cory Lee Brett Yes Yes Yes
Dan Clarke Yes Yes Yes
Darren Lowe Yes Yes X
Dave Armstrong Yes Yes Yes
Dave Jones Yes Yes X
Davy Magill Yes Yes Yes
Emmet McGuire Yes Yes X
Gareth Fears Yes NS Yes
Gary Clarke Yes Yes Yes
Gary Wallace Yes Yes Yes
Gerry McCorry Yes Yes Yes
Gordon Boomer Yes Yes Yes
Greg Stevenson Yes Yes Yes
Iain Britton X Yes Yes
Joe Larkin Yes Yes Yes
Johnny Mackay Yes X Yes
Johnny Murray Yes X X
Kenny Geddis Yes Yes Yes
Kyle Kirkwood Yes Yes Yes
Mark Richardson Yes Yes X
Mark Stockton Yes X X
Mary Jo McCourt X Yes Yes
Michael Thompson Yes Yes Yes
Neil McFaul Yes Yes Yes
Paddy Lynch Yes X Yes
Pat McAnally X X X
Paul Harris Yes Yes Yes
Rab McCullough Yes Yes Yes
Raymond Stockman Yes Yes X
Robert Hawkins Yes Yes Yes
Ronan McCarthy X Yes Yes
Ryan Craig Yes Yes X
Ryan Foster Yes X Yes
Ryan Marcus Yes Yes Yes
Sam Newell X NS Yes
Sean Davison Yes X Yes
Stephen Johnston Yes Yes Yes
Tommy Morrow Yes X X
Trevor Whiteside Yes Yes Yes
Tyler McConnell Yes X Yes

Ciaran Reid – 1 tour
Niall McElroy – 1 tour
Ryan Scott – 2 tours
Ady Toner – 2 tours
Barry Casey – 1 tour
Marty Goudie – 2 tours
Don McAuley – 1 tour
Gary Johnston – 1 tour
Drew Niblock – 1 tour
Chris Ferguson – 1 tour
Matthew Quinn – 1 tour
Richard Campbell – 1 tour
Michael Higgins – 1 tour
Simon McConnell – 1 tour
Harold McAllister – 1 tour
Richard Bamber – 1 tour
Gee Crawley – 1 tour
Jordan Peoples – 1 tour
Gareth Rowe – 1 tour