European Masters, Bridlington, April 2010

The European Masters in Bridlington in April is upon us. Pictured right is the impressive Spa arena where all the action will be taking place. The fixtures are now out and our opening matches on Sunday 25th April are as follows.

Sunday 10.00am Opening Ceremony
Sunday 11.00am NI Ladies 'B' v Shetland
Sunday 11.00am NI 'B1s' v NI 'B2s'
Sunday 11.00am NI Seniors v England
Sunday 13.30pm NI Mens 'A' v England
Sunday 16.00pm NI Ladies 'A' v Wales

'A' Squad - Darren Sterrett (Manager), Neil McKelvey, Willie Eakin, Jason Heffron, Brian Hannaway, Declan Lavery, Raymond Baxter, Dee Irwin, Mark Hutchinson, Tom McCorry, Ryan Foster, Stephen Johnstone, Sam Newell
B1 Squad - Ady Toner (Temporary Manager), Andy Arbuthnot, Clem Howard, Paul Curran, Mark Davidson, Jonny Thompson, Michael Rowan, Tom Leggett, Will Adamson, Marc Higgins, Peter Martin, Gary Wallace, Lee McIlreavy
B2 Squad - Derek Whiteside (Manager), Peter Leddy (Assistant Manager), Paul Harris, Paul Gingles, Paul Roberts, Colin Montgomery Sr, Colin Montgomery Jr, Jonny Johnstone, Scott Hay, Trevor Whiteside, Barry Crossey, Keith Hunter, Rab Butler, Cliff Alison
Seniors Squad - Eric Sterrett (Manager), John McIlreavey, Darren McColgan, Kenny English, Robert Hawkins, Davy Drysdale
Ladies 'A' Squad - Jean McIlroy (Temporary Manager), Sara Greenberg, Alex Babb, Karen McCormick, Mary McCourt, Sally Caughey, Debby Walker
Ladies 'B' Squad - Lesley Leddy (Manager), Kathy Leddy, Clare Webster, Pamela Hamilton, Donna McMaster, Linzi McClelland, Andrea Reid
Specials Mens Squad- Richard Vaughan, Brian Crilly, Alan Bell, Clifford Healy, Trevor Mulholland, Robin Gilliland, Sammy Johnston, John Brown, Daniel Benson, Paddy Reid, Clifford McKendry, John McKillop, Jason McBride, Nigel Campbell, Eddie Huey, Mark Gray, Thomas Campbell, David Campbell, Alwyn Holmes, Jason McAfee, Alister Lynn, Martin McGuigan, John Henderson
Specials Ladies Squad- Valerie Taggart, Roisin Toner, Frances McCann, Susan O'Kane, Briege McFall, Janice Whoriskey, Grainne Cregan, Patricia McTasney, Margaret Hill