Sterrett is new NI Seniors Champion

Darren Sterrett from Bangor is the new 2011 Northern Ireland Seniors (Over 40s) Individual Champion. From a very strong field he beat Michael Wilson of Ballynure 6-4 in the Final. There were 36 entrants on the day and with the top half of the draw coming out laden with "big names" there was a chance for an underdog to make their mark in the bottom half. And that man was Michael Wilson, with his usual attacking style he disposed of all in front of him to reach the Final in style. Sterrett had a tough passage to get there, beating team mate Hugh Regan 4-3, Andy Arbuthnot 4-1, the consistent Davy McGurn 5-3, and the very experienced Bill McIlroy 5-2 in the Semi Final.

The Final was very open and swung one way then the other, with both players very determined to lift the trophy. Frames went as follows -

Frame  1 - Sterrett
Frame  2 - Wilson
Frame  3 - Wilson
Frame  4 - Sterrett
Frame  5 - Sterrett
Frame  6 - Sterrett
Frame  7 - Wilson
Frame  8 - Wilson
Frame  9 - Sterrett
Frame10 - Sterrett (break & dish)

Pictured above right Darren Sterrett shows of his Winners trophy. He also took home £260.

Pictured right, the 2 finalists, Michael Wilson (left) and Darren Sterrett. Michael won £130 as Runner Up.

The 2 Semi Finalists Bill McIlroy and Robert Bowman took home £65 each

Prelims 2nd Round
Ian Wylie 4-2 Stephen Cully Davy Drysdale 2-4 Bill McIlroy
Davy Drysdale 4-2 Terry Bell Raymond Stockman 3-4 Robert Hawkins
Elise Richardson 0-4 Bill McIlroy Darren Sterrett 4-1 Andy Arbuthnot
Chris Maule 4-3 Kieran O'Prey Stephen Johnston 2-4 Davy McGurn

Ivan Christie 1-4 Robert Bowman
1st Round Mark Marsh 3-4 Dessie Cooper
Ian Wylie 2-4 Davy Drysdale Kenny Geddis 3-4 Terence Arthurs
Bill McIlroy 4-1 Chris Maule Michael Wilson 4-0 Rab Brown
Raymond Stockman 4-3 Kenny English
Cliff Wilson 0-4 Robert Hawkins
Hugh Regan 3-4 Darren Sterrett Quarter Finals
Andy Arbuthnot 4-1 Darren McColgan Bill McIlroy 5-4 Robert Hawkins
Robert Henderson 3-4 Stephen Johnston Darren Sterrett 5-3 Davy McGurn
Davy McGurn 4-2 Alan Johnston Robert Bowman 5-2 Dessie Cooper
Ivan Christie 4-0 Gary Neeson w/o Terence Arthurs 4-5 Michael Wilson
Robert Bowman 4-1 Susan Graham
Mark Marsh 4-0 Alec Irvine Semi Finals
David Wright 0-4 Dessie Cooper Bill McIlroy 2-5 Darren Sterrett
Kenny Geddis 4-0 Jean McIlroy Robert Bowman 3-5 Michael Wilson
Mark Stockton 3-4 Terence Arthurs
Debbie Murphy 1-4 Michael Wilson Final
Rab Brown 4-3 Ellis Martin Darren Sterrett 6-4 Michael Wilson